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WELCOME! As a GSR You are sure to meet Many Wonderful Members of NA Who Love this Great Fellowship!

*WHO: Any NA member with approximately, but not necessarily, one year or more of continuous clean time who wishes to be a helpful member of his or her home group.
*WHAT: A GSR is the person who helps connect and unite the group to its area and NA worldwide. The area is made of other groups in the community. Richmond South Delta area contains eight groups. We attempt to maintain subcommittees who serve the area with literature distribution, public Information, phone line, newsletter, and activities for NA members. At the monthly area meetings, the GSR notifies the area body of group changes, needs and concerns and carries a vote for the groups' wishes. At the group business meeting, the GSR reports to the group some of the goings on in the area and region. Group unity, to the area, is essential for the health and quality of the Group. A healthy group creates an environment of recovery for the addict. We can do together what we cannot accomplish separately. This is true in our personal recovery, and is equally true in our services.
*WHY: An addict who wishes to serve the home group in this way is strongly aiding in his or her own recovery. By giving some of our time and efforts to help others in NA, in any capacity, addicts help to assure their own recovery and assist in the recovery others. This type of service is a part of step twelve. It is strongly recommended to replace the time we took to act out in active addiction with constructive purposeful activity. When participating in NA we meet and get involved with members who are sincere with their recovery and their membership in NA. As a GSR we assist in looking after the fellowship that saves our lives. Together, NA members are responsible to maintain the fellowship of NA.

You are needed!
*HOW: To become a GSR, attend your home group business meeting or tell the group secretary that you'd be interested in serving as a GSR or alternate GSR. Ask a group member if they wish to nominate you to serve this position and the group will vote if you are to represent them. At the monthly area meeting, announce you are a new GSR and ask for guidance in fulfilling your responsibilities. Slowly you will learn.
*WHEN: Every first Thursday of the month. Starting at 7PM until approximately 9:30PM
*WHERE: At the Steveston Community Center. 4111 Moncton Street, Richmond, BC.

Some questions you may have:

. Question-- Do I need to have all twelve steps completed before I considering becoming a GSR?
Answer--NO. You should progressively continue to work on your steps throughout your recovery. All members are at various stages of their recovery.

. Question--Am I expected to have full knowledge of the Traditions and Concepts of NA?
Answer--No. Many members come into the NA service structure with very little knowledge of this kind. As time goes on, we learn by asking questions, reading service literature and we learn much from the experience we gain in involvement.

. Question-- How much time is involved when serving as a GSR?
Answer-- Approximately three to four hours per month. About two and a half hours at the area meeting, the home group monthly business meeting and a little time to read some NA literature, such as, A Guide to Local Service, The Twelve Concepts of NA and tradition teachings from the Basic Text, It Works How Why and The Group Booklet.




Area Meeting
First Thursday of the month, 7:00pm
4111 Moncton Street (Steveston Comm. Ctr.)

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